Friday, March 15, 2013

Front Porch Blog Hop

Hi scrappers, hope you are visiting for the
Say Cheese Blog Hop!

I wanted to share this fun layout with you today.
I say fun because, not only is it full of fun colors from the kit,
and bath tub /cousin pictures are always fun,
but I had fun making it!

  I was inspired by an art project I pinned
to make with my 3 year old daughter...
They stamped with bubble wrap to make grapes,
so I stamped with bubble wrap to make bubbles!

It is always a tad OUT of my box to use
spray mist or paint on a layout,
but these kits come with so much fun stuff IN the box,
I can't help but get a little messy!
On top of the mist and paint, I also added lots of doodles.
I just love how personalized doodles can make a page!
The kit has a large piece of pink burlap...
To make it easier to cut I glued it to pink card stock
and then after it dried I could easily cut it without it fraying apart!

and don't think that the fact I got
really messy on a bath tub spread,
was lost on me!
Hope you had fun at this stop in the hop!
On to the next Front Porch girl's blog!



lynettechiles said...

Love how you stamped and painted and doodled on you layout. I need to do that more often.

Allison said...

Wonderful, Kristy! Love it!

Susan said...

such a cute and fun layout!

ElaineH said...

I really love the layout. I agree with Lynette I need to try doodling more.

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