Sunday, May 30, 2010

Train Invites

My son just turned three and requested a train party. We held the party at a park that had a train you can ride- it was lots of fun. I tried to make everything I could myself... luckily it was just for family since it was out of town, so I only made ten invites and six party favors. Here are my invites... super happy with how they turned out. I traced the train cars by hand because I was not happy with the Circut train pieces for this project, but it did come in handy for the wheels. I ran the wording on the computer and the three was a punch.
This is how the look folded up for the envelope and then they just unfold when you open it.

I always like to display old pictures at birthday parties. It is fun for guests to see and for mommy to remember! I made these generic birthday (not train) so I can use them again! These were raw wood from Micheal's and cost me .99 cents!!

This little train was raw wood from Michael's... and again each piece was .99 cents! I painted it black and the covered it with bright paper and glued buttons on the wheels. Mike still plays with this... made me think it would be a great handmade birthday gift for his friends!

Every party needs treat bags. I had this old tin bucket and left over vinyl to trace the engine. The three is a sticker. I like the fact that the vinyl peels right off- so I can keep using the bucket.

I was so happy with how these turned out. I used the Circut to cut two of the spiky circles, a punch to make the white circles, and the train punch is from the Martha Stewart collection at Michael's. I also used these to top the toothpicks for the mini sandwiches- cute!


Allison said...

Very nice. I like the old pictures... I better get to work on my display piece!

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