Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scrappy Journal

My bestie and I are starting the on line book and bible study over at Good Morning Girls.... knowing how much she HATES mornings I thought a pretty journal would help... well, this two cups of coffee! I have always loved this paper and kinda hoarded it for just the right thing... so happy I did. I Modge- Podged everything and hot glued the flower!

I made this flower out of some thin felt (more about this embelly HERE) and of course had to add a doily! The blue is the back side of the paper- should have looked who made it, huh?

I know this blury photo may hurt your eyes, but I did stamp g.m.g. (good Morning Girls) right onto the doily- you can also run these through a printer... maybe I can do a tutorial on that soon!

Here is the inside...

On the inside cover I made a little frame background and added a place for sticky notes. She will of course use a pic of her family, but I laid mine on for this pic.

The first page has the schedule and a clip that I added ribbon, too.
Now, I need to add a few inspirational stamps to random pages for fun!

I will make on for myself this weekend and maybe even make another on for my weight loss journal or new house ideas. Adelyn wants one, too... she already started "writing" in mine!


Erin K said...

I love it!!! And I agree I love that paper!

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

That is SUPER cute!!! I want one--but I'm not crafty like that! My Good Morning Girls group has helped me in my relationship with the Lord--Can NOT wait to read the book by Sally too!!!!

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