Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super, Easy Paper Flower

I have made many, many paper flowers lately...

but this is my go to flower.

I do not have to use a die-cut, my Cricut,

a dowel to shape the flowers, trace anything,

or even double sided paper-

this is my kinda flower, girls!

Pretty cute, huh?

All you need are you favorite scissors,

scrap paper, a button, and some glue!

Here is my scrap and the place where I cut my original circle.

You can eye a circle or fold the scrap in half... like this.

Now think the letter "C" ... tall and round,

but not fat or you get an oval or egg shape.

Hmmm... not happy,

so i simply fold the other way and trim it off.


Now, fold the circle in half

and then in half again.

And one more time...

do not worry about wrinkles or folds...

that is all a part of the technique!

Here is my little trick...

I use the shape of my thumb as a guide to round the top.

In the picture you can see I have trimmed

only one side and will do the next.

Make sure you trim down the side,

because this makes your pedals deeper...

make sense? sorta?

Here she is all opened up and crinkled.

Smush her into a tight wad....

open her up and repeat!

I repeat the process two more time with two different papers.

Each time my "C" gets a tad smaller and

for the last flower I use my pinkie,

instead of my thumb as my pedal guide.

Stack 'em up with a dop if glue in the middle of each flower.

I used Zip Dry today only because

my glue gun was not plugged in,

but I like the gun because it is cheaper and faster!

(and I love cheaper and faster)

I almost always go for a button in the middle,

but brads, gems, glitter,

and even a paper circle will work, too.

Sometimes I ink the edges

or rub Speckles over it.

I plan on trying Diamond Glaze

for a more glassy look, too.

Now, go make a few pretty flowers

and then use them on a page about your mom!

(yup, that is an order!)


Erin K said...

I'm on it! I love this idea! It's perfect for me because I don't have a cricut yet.

LaLa said...

OK-I am making these flowers!!!! How sweet a page about me. Love the card with the kids silhouette. Is it for me? 143

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