Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas Layouts

So this season instead of trying to do a December Daily album,
I elected to take the 12 Days of Christmas Class at Big Picture Classes.
The ideas is that they send you 12 days of photo prompts 
and a list of supplies and ideas to think about.

Then after Christmas, as things are settling down...
you get a video and a sketch to go along with the pictures
 and supplies you have collected.
Nice, huh?

 One of the ideas was to capture a Holiday song or phrase.
I chose "It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year"

These photos were so perfect and really captured the feeling at our house.

I love this LilyBee Paper and you know who much
 I like using my own handwriting for journaling.
This was actually one of my very favorite layouts!

This assignment was to capture writing a letter to Santa,
but frankly we did not do that this year.
Gasp!  I know!

But I subbed out these great photos of the kids in the Christmas show at church.
I just had to tell the story of my sweet Mikey wearing his angle wings and halo,
 all smiles, singing,smiling, loving the entire thing.  
And then there was was Addy, who tore off her wings and halo,
 picked her nose, and yawned the whole time front and center!!

This is exactly why I scrapbook!  
The stories. 
The legacy. 
The delightful moments we often for get!


Sara said...

I love these layouts! "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is my favorite Christmas song line! I think I may be doing a little "scrap-lifting" when I get around to scrapbooking Christmas! Great stuff!

Allison said...

Love them!!!

Erin K said...

Great job! I love how you layer! You are the pro at layering. I need some tutorials on how you do it!

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